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Posted by Jordan Barta on Mar 9, 2018 3:11:12 PM

In recent conversations with customers from a multitude of industries, we have concluded that customer experiences and success can fall into a magnitude of different categories. Depending at which point in time you require feedback from the customer, you’re going to receive different feedback.

In 2014, Gartner stated that, “by 2016, 89% of companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience.” As we’ve all seen, the majority of companies have failed miserably at this. We’re long past the year 2016 and there are a lot of companies that don’t monitor customer experience… at all.

First and foremost, we need to take into consideration; What is customer experience? How do you know? How do you measure it? How do you obtain actionable steps to act upon the feedback? Don’t worry, we’re going to cover all of that.


To paint you a picture, we’re going to use a few common ‘touch points’ that the majority of businesses utilize to help you measure the different customer experience levels:

  • Sales
  • Implementation/onboarding
  • Account Management/service

(Additional categories were: renewal, account management replacement, upsell, offboarding, initiative change, product advancement and upgrade)

Sales: Your sales representative just ‘closed the deal’ and now the client is continuing through the process of implementing the account. Why did they win the business? How does the customer feel about the entire process? How did the sales representative portray themselves/the company?

Implementation/onboarding: Sales sold the deal and now it’s time for Implementation or Operations to take the lead and get the client onboard. Is the implementation team aware of the client’s business objectives? Did sales over promise and under deliver? Have the timelines been kept?

Account Management/Service: Typically, most existing accounts will be managed by this functional area. Is the client receiving the support they need to be successful? Do they get their answers in a timely matter? Are they happy to be a recommendation or refer business? Are there opportunities to radiate sales or services?

At any point in all three of these categories, the customer experience could be bad, fair, good or great. You don’t objectively know until you ask for feedback. You could receive great feedback in two of the three areas; now you know that you need to improve on the third area. You could be losing clients because one of the three categories isn’t doing their job correctly. You won’t know until you ask and you need to do so using an objective and systematic process.

To compete based on customer experience, we first must be able to measure customer experience. We need to gain access to the voice of the customer. Many companies claim they do this by meeting with clients and asking for their feedback, but this data is often filtered and biased. This is where STAMP comes in. STAMP helps businesses systematically determine what is most important to their customers and shows how well they are delivering against the customer’s needs, it identifies the key actions they should take to improve satisfaction, it alerts them when they are underperforming, and tracks performance over time.

The results? Increased account retention and satisfaction!

This customer success platform can be used at each and every touch point through out the life cycle of a client. Having a clear understanding of how the client feels at each interaction allows the company the opportunity to grow and get better. Transparency between customer and company contributes toward the longevity of the partnership. There is a long list of competing companies that would bend over backwards to earn your customers’ business. They chose you…for some reasons…and you need to know what those are!

Now it’s your turn to deliver on your promises, obtain their voice and follow through by creating a better customer experience at all stages of customer interaction.

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